One of the most basic concerns of every client travelling on a package is to know where they would be met at the airport of arrival. Although we do have a downloadable map available on the site, which can be downloaded by logging in to your account, here is a visual of the actual meeting area, so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

The guests should leave the Customs Restricted Area from Exit A, which will bring them to Arrival Hall A, as per the map below.

HKIA Arrival Hall Map A

Here is what they need to look for, once they are out of the restricted area.

AIRPORT MAP JUL 2014 - visual

In case of any confusion about the exact location of the meeting area, all your client has to do is to look to the area on the opposite side of McDonald restaurant. That’s where the pillars bearing the Tourist Pick-up Area signage, along with the pillar number, can be seen. The placard of Continental can be seen on Pillar No 6, and our guide is usually found standing next to it.