A significnat number of passengers arriving at HK International Airport are actually headed towards Macau, by means of a direct connecting ferry that departs from the aiport itself, from an area known as SkyPier. We get a lot of queries from agents as to how a passenger should connect to a ferry for onward journey to Macau, directly from the HK International Airport, or vice-versa. Whilst we do have a downloadable map with instructions that is generally sent to all agents booking a direct ferry through us for passengers arriving at HK International Airport, here is a self-explanatory video with clear-cut instructions on this subject.

The video is also available on You Tube and you can even share its link with your clients, which would help to address any doubts that they may have on this issue. And as a reminder, you can even log into your account and download the map with instructions, which can be printed and forwarded by you to your guests.