feedbackOnce again, based on the feedback from the India market, we are pleased to announce some more changes in the services, which will help to add even more value for your clients.

These important changes will take place with immediate effect, and are as below:

Changes To Half-Day City Tour Of Hong Kong

Previously, the half-day city tour included the mid-level of Victoria Peak for a brief picture-taking halt. As per the feedback received from many agents, the clients had indicated a preference for visiting the top-level of Victoria Peak.

We are therefore happy to announce that we have accordingly changed the half-day tour to replace the mid-level of Victoria Peak with the top-level, and your guests will now be able to visit the top-level for a picture taking halt.

Good News For Two-Day Pass Holders Going From Disney to Macau

In the case of guests staying at Disney and proceeding immediately to Macau thereafter, we had got  a feedback that those who had opted for a two-day Disney pass were unable to enjoy the second day at Disney due to the early SIC transfer timings from Disney to the ferry terminal, in order to be able to board the ferry to Macau.

Accordingly, we have revised our timings and are happy to inform you that the SIC transfer from Disney to the ferry terminal will now be provided at 1700 hrs instead of the early noon transfer. Such guests will now be able to enjoy the park facilities for almost the whole of next day, and then take the evening SIC transfer to board the ferry to Macau. This will go a long way in enhancing the overall guest experience at Disney.

Got Feedback Or Suggestions For Us ?

If you have any feedback or suggestions that can help us to improve upon the services and create a better experience for your guests, please do mail us on We assure you that we will take it seriously, and if it is possible to implement a suggestion without disrupting other services, we will certainly try to do so.

After all, it is your feedback that helps us to improve.