attention pleaseThis is just a refresher on the requirements for Shenzhen / Guongzhou Group Visa on Arrival, which is arranged by us for guests who intend to visit Shenzhen for either a day trip or for an overnight trip.

Please  note that Shenzhen Group Visa Requirements are as below:

1. A minimum of two guests travelling together are required in order to be able to arrange a group visa. The guests must enter and exit Shenzhen together. The entry must be either from Macau or Hong Kong. The group visa is NOT valid for direct arrivals into Shenzhen / Guangzhou airport, and in such cases the guests are required to obtain a visa for China well before their departure from India.

2. The visa application requires a minimum of three working days processing time, not including weekends. Scanned copies of all the passport are required to be sent to us well in time.

3. The visa is only available to guests who are availing our package services, and guests who are on their own arrangements are not eligible for this visa.

4. The visa cannot be sent to you in advance, and neither can guests avail of this visa on their own. It is mandatory for our guide to be present for their arrival / departure clearance.

5. IMPORTANT – Please also be advised that guests who already hold a visa for China issued in India, should not apply for the group visa if they intend to visit any other point in China after the Shenzhen tour, OR they should enure that they hold multiple entry visa for China, and not apply for the group visa. Should a passenger hold a single-entry visa, the immigration authorities will not consider the group visa and will treat the pre-stamped visa as utilized, and in that case, the guest will not be able to subsequently use this visa for visiting China.