tariffThe new tariff sheets effective 06 October 2014 have been posted online for your ready reference. All you need to do is to log in and download them.

Land-Only Rates Also Available

Once again, based on feedback and popular demand from the market, we have taken prompt action. We got the feedback from some agents about clients who book the hotels online directly, or the agent books them online. However, the one component that is missing in such cases is the land arrangements. Who takes care of the transfers and sightseeing ? Well, we have answered this question for you. We will. Should you have such a booking, and are looking for land-only rates, all you need to do is to download the Land Arrangements tariff sheet and work out your costing for yourself, and then send us the booking. However, in such cases, please be advised that SIC transfers are not available in all areas, and we can provide them only in the hotels located in city-center.

So go right ahead, long in, and download the tariff sheets right away