We are happy to inform you that the Chinese Government has relaxed the earlier requirement of minimum of 3 pax travelling together together in order to be eligible for a Group Visa. Now a minimum of 2 pax travelling together can also avail this facility, which means that even one couple can visit Shenzhen. The new regulation is already effective and you can start sending in your queries for Shenzhen tours accordingly.

As a reminder, Shenzhen is just 45 minutes away from Hong Kong by train, and is well known for the amazing shopping that it offers at mind-blowing prices, making it a favourite with the Indians. It also boasts of some well known tourist attractions like Window Of The World & Splendid China. You can opt for either the day tour from HKG, or stay overnight and return to HKG the next day.

Please do bear in mind, however, that the scanned copies of the pax are required by us, and a minimum period of five working days is the processing time for the group visa.

We do hope that you will take advantage of this relaxation in rules and that this will help you to promote this great shopping destination in an even better manner.

Happy Selling !